Move forward without permission

Move forward without permission. 

Having peace with where you are also means having peace with your decisions. Having peace with the way that you think about things. Honoring what you want to do and what you do not want to do. Not comparing your present state to one in the past because your circumstances, wisdom and emotions were different. Trusting that God has you in a place of mental rest to prepare you for what is to come, because perhaps in your current state you wouldn't have the endurance or the love or the wisdom in you to make it through. He wants you to push through this next thing succesfully and without detours --- although he will work with you through the detours as well. TRUST YOURSELF AND WHERE YOU ARE. Be ok with your gentleness or your anger or your voice, whether it is loud or soft. Be ok with your the curse words. With the judgements that are coming out quicker and easier -- you are standing for what you believe is right. Even with your desire to be diplomatic, respectfully call out the BS when noticed. To me a peacemaker things have to be shaken. Say what you think, listen, and move on. Don't get caught up in proving yourself, God/Love is the only person/thing in the room that matters.