Danielle Real Photography

Danielle Real Photography



I genuinely love working with people. Contributing to your vision and helping bring it to life is a thrilling process for me. I'm a multi-passionate creator that is interested in the story, the people and the purpose behind a project. I have my specialties and a personal style, but am not afraid to explore an approach or medium that speaks to your vision best. 

Growing up I always watched my mom build things. She finished our basement, singing to Bonnie Raitt, drilling and sawing away on the tools she'd go buy from the hardware store. She sculpted figurines by hand, constructed bird houses and painted pots. I was always watching, and I didn't realize that I was soaking it all in. From this I learned the multitude of ways to approach a project. I learned that there's always a way to make something work. I learned to explore my resources and use them to my advantage. 

Service is at the heart of what I do. It is important that the process be as easy as possible, placing ego aside and getting the job done so that all parties involved feel a sense of confidence in the final product and the experience as a whole. I enjoy conversation so that I can get to the heart of what is being asked. And from there, my goal is to meet (or exceed) what is needed. Is it possible to set a new threshold of potential? Let's see! 

Sooo, do I DESIGN or do I ILLUSTRATE? The answer is both! You can check out my work to see if my style in either area will work for you. 

I hope we can work together! You may contact me here for any inquiries, or email me at ashleigh.corrin@gmail.com